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August 20th:

The release gig for "Terminal" will be held at Gamlebyen Scene in Arendal on September 26th, so those attending will be able to get the album a few days before the official release date. :) 

August 15th:

Welcome to our completely redesigned website! 

Finally the day has come...

We are more than proud to announce that Ancestral Legacy has signed with Whispering Voice Records for the release of our new album ‘Terminal’, which will be released on 29th of September. Several external obstacles, as well as a few minor internal ones, including turning down three other labels, made sure the release of the album was heavily delayed, in good old Ancestral Legacy tradition. Hopefully the 12 tracks and 70 minutes playing time will make up for the long wait!

The physical version of the album will soon be able to pre-order, and it will be available for physical and streaming purchase in all major stores and streaming-services. We will soon be back with details on the release gig, and are also working with getting more gigs confirmed for the Autumn.