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March 24th:
"Terminal" will see its release in late May or early June. More details will follow soon. Our new guitarist, Jon Rune Førland, has adapted well into the group, and we very much look forward to play our first gig together, and the first for the band in more than 1 1/2 year, on April 5th, in Grimstad, Norway. 

October 10th:
As you see from the below post it is almost a year since our new album, "Terminal", was supposed to be finished. That of course never happened, in good old AL tradition. Not until yesterday when we finally were in possesion of the final master. So very quickly it will be distributed to a few record labels, and we have high hopes that someone will be interested in releasing it, as it is our best work so far! Plan B would be to release it ourselves.

And more things have happened during the year, as guitarist Tor Arvid Larsen has left the band. The reasons are fully understandable, we split as good friends and wish him luck for the future and thanks for more than 10 years in Ancestral Legacy's service. Some of his best work will be heard on "Terminal". A replacement has yet not been found, but we're working on it.
November 1st:
The album is just a couple of weeks from being finished, and it's gonna be good! It took it's time, but we are sure it has been worth all the wait. Also you now have the chance to listen to one of the new songs already, even if it will still be a few months until the release. In the box above you can give us a vote for our new song "Oregon Trail", which we participate in a competition with. The five bands getting most votes will play at a final in Oslo in January, and the winner will get a huge amount of money and a lot of cool stash! To cast your vote you have to register to the page. Most browsers have automatic translation nowadays, so even if it is in Norwegian you may find out. There is also a possibility to choose English language if you find the right page... So go ahead and enjoy the song and do us a favour at the same time! Beware that the song is not final mix, and is not mastered, but it is not far from how it will turn out in the end.

August 23rd:
The mixing process takes some more time than we hoped for, but as long as the final result is great we can't do anything but wait. Until then we can tell you that our gig in Stavanger went great, the first one with Isa also playing keyboards in addition to singing, and we've also put up a brand new T-shirt shop through Spreadshirt! Head over there and see if you find something you'd like to wear. New designs will be available when the album cover and artwork is finished, so be sure to check back every now and then.

June 18th:
No update here for a while, and the reason is that there has been much recording activity, and little else, in our camp. So time to reveal some more info on the album! We have finished all recordings except the bass tracks, which are being recording these days, the rest is being handed over to the guy responsible for mixing and mastering the album; mr Jone Väänänen, most known for his work with Insomnium, as well as other Finnish artists. We have 12 songs plus an interlude, about 10 of these will end up on the album, which is to be called "Terminal".
We should also mention our friend Shawn Tuck, who have let us freely use and abuse a bunch of his nice poems, resulting in us having 7 of 12 lyrics being penned by him, the rest are being shared between the band members. Among the song titles are "Lethe" parts 1, 2 and 3, which are the first 3 in a 6 part series. So probably we need to write 3 more Lethe songs in the future... Other songs are the title track "Terminal", "Bone Code" and "Dawn Of Time".

In other news we can tell you that our vocalist Isadora in the future also will handle the keyboards live, and in addition with some new cool equipment we've bought you can say that this is the version 3.0 of Ancestral Legacy. Stay tooned! 

February 21st:

We are well into the recording of the follow-up to our debut album "Nightmare Diaries". Most guitar tracks are done, and later the rest; drums, bass, keyboards and vocals, will follow. We plan to finish the recording some time in May, and use Spring to find a label to release the album after the Summer. We also will try to get a few gigs in Norway this Fall, and maybe/hopefully head for a new visit to Europe early next year.

Meanwhile you can download the massive 60 track compilation "
World Of Glass compilation", compiled by Alexis Croze and Raquel Senra. 60 tracks by female fronted metal bands in all kinds of genres, among them you'll find a re-recorded version of "Out Of The Dark And Into The Night", which originally appeared on "Nightmare Diaries". This new version also includes a nice shredding solo by our stand in guitarist from our trip to Holland last Autumn; Hans Christian "HC" Hagen. So what are you waiting for? Go to World Of Glass to download the compilation now, it's completely free!

December 20th:
Ok, we now have 11 or 12 songs more or less finished, we just need a band meeting to agree upon the last details, then it's time for recording. We will probably have 50 - 60 minutes of music on the album, meaning 9 - 10 songs, thus have a couple of tracks to discard to make sure we end up with nothing but DAMN AMAZING SONGS. Sounds good? The goal is to have the album out in late Summer/early Autumn 2012.
We also want to wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR! 

October 1st:
Barely two weeks left until we hit the road and aim for Germany and Holland! And we got news for you, most are good, but also one bad one. Guitarist Tor Arvid Larsen has been prevented from joining us on the tour, but instead of cancelling it, we have been graced by the talent of Hans Christian "HC" Hagen, and even if he has a conciderable amount of songs to learn in a very short time we are confident that he will do a great job! Also we have some surprises for you if you show up at one of the gigs, either in Berlin (Musichall), Roermond (Azijnfabriek) or Amsterdam (The Cave); what it is will remain a secret until you are there, but what we can say is that EVERYONE will get a small treat made just for this little tour. Also you will have the chance to do a decision for us, and if that wasn't enough we MIGHT hand out a few free gifts if we're in a good mood! So what do you say, see you soon?

September 14th:
A long time in silence, but finally some news. We will head for the European motorways once again; in mid-October we will, together with the Venezuelan goth metal band Bleeding Tears, play three gigs in Germany and Holland. These are:
October 14th - Musichall, Berlin, Germany
October 15th - Azijnfabriek, Roermond, Holland
October 16th - The Cave, Amsterdam, Holland
More info will follow!

June 29th:
Our Myspace page has been totally redesigned, thanks a lot to Unna graphics! Go check it out!

June 16th:
Now the self titled debut album from Legacy Of Emptiness is available, both from the label and the band. Send a mail to legacyofemptiness(at)gmail(dot)com if you want to order directly from the band, payment can be done via Paypal, or to Norwegian bank account. You can also check out a couple of the songs on Myspace or Facebook. You can of course also order from Ketzer records in Germany.

May 29th:

So it is time for a long awaited and needed update.

First and most important; change in line-up. Our bassist since 2003, Anton Dead, moved to Oslo, 250 km's away from the rest of the band, almost two years ago, and since then it's been difficult to keep the desired rehearsal schedule, so now, before we for real start work on the songs for our next album, we needed to improve the situation the band had been stuck in, as it became impossible to continue this way. The replacement is already on board and is an old friend of us. His name is Jarl Ivar Brynhildsvoll, so we are already a fully operational live band again. We welcome him in the band and hope you will too!

Speaking of that, our first live appearance in nearly a year is also something of the past. Only two songs performed, but one of them, the brand new track "There Is No Birth And Death", can be viewed on our Youtube channel!

Also we are in the early stages of planning a European tour this Autumn, which hopefully will take us to Denmark, Germany, Holland, Belgium and France. If all goes well we'll share the majority of the gigs with Bleeding Tears, a gothic symphonic metal band from Venezuela.

An upgrade to our band logo has also been done, thanks to Jørn Melnes at

That should be all for now, exciting times are ahead for Ancestral Legacy, hope you will join us!

May 16th:
No update in a very long time, but shure stuff is happening in the AL camp! We'll be back with a HUGE update very shortly after our appearance at Arendal Rockklubb's 30 years anniversary gig which will take place May 27th. So be shure to check back then!

January 29th:
We've uploaded an acoustic version of (1/3 of the song) "Perhaps In Death" from our "Nightmare Diaries" album to out Youtube channel, so go and check it out! Also a new review is published, on the French music blog Musical Ambrosia, so obviously it's in French. Enjoy"

January 15th:
An interview with Eddie, dealing with all kinds of music related matters, is done by the webzine Metality, go check it out!

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